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Gibson Catback Exhaust System


2003 - 2022, Toyota 4Runner

The 4Runner Gibson Exhaust has arrived at Burtman Industries! If you are new to Gibson, you won't want to be anymore! These systems are a great bang for the buck, while giving a great tuned sound that isn't overbearing like other systems. After bolting this badboy on, you'll notice improved acceleration, hill climbing, towing, passing power, and even better fuel economy. This system exits straight our the back and gives you that deep, aggressive tone without all of the in-cab noise. Combine this with one of our intakes and get even more power!

Free-flowing mandrel-bent tubing that's custom tuned for your 4Runner. The Gibson T-304 stainless steel SuperFlow muffler keeps the exhaust gases flowing at optimum levels with its baffled and chambered design, no packing or screening to blow out here. And, Gibson's innovative slip fit design each pipe fits into the larger opening of the next downstream pipe reduces power-robbing turbulence and backpressure.

Complete with zinc-plated factory-style hangers and clamps for straight-forward bolt-on installation. Comes with 3" polished stainless tip. Proudly crafted in the USA.

Select your finish:

Aluminized heavy-duty tubing Aluminized Steel has been hot-dip coated with a special, corrosion-resistant aluminum-silicon alloy. Aluminized steel gives you the look and feel of aluminum with the superior strength and lower cost of steel.

409-L stainless steel tubing 409-L stainless steel is a cost-effective, high-grade, low carbon steel with excellent corrosion resistance, and strength.

No cutting/welding required for install.
All mounting hardware and instructions included.

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Reg. Price: $699.00
Our Price: $ 459.99

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Fitment- Excellent. No modifications required. Bolted up to existing hangers. Used new clamps and bolts provided by Gibson.

Looks- Matte Black Tips really matches the rest of my 4R. Side exit looks really neat with the tips running along the angle of the bumper. Not only are the tips black, so is the pipe it bolts to so the look is seamless. Not just a steel pipe with BLK tips bolted to it. Baby Brabus AMG look for sure.

Sound- Slight rumble at idle in driveway. You know it�s there. Sounds comes from the RR of the car so you can hear it with your right ear. Idle in traffic and you can�t hear anything. Hard to compare the sound but I guess you can say a V6 Mustang with a muffler? Except it�s not loud. Almost bubbles like a V8 but not strong enough? Normal accelerations sounds good. You can hear there is a system. Hadn�t got a chance to WOT. Music is a little harder to hear? Maybe I�m just use to how quiet the 4R use to be.

Performance- I can feel right away the throttle response. Car feels more free? So far I am really digging the response. It�s way lighter than the factory unit. So I think I am feeling the weight savings there too.

Tony Nguyen
10-26-2018 10:40pm
An awesome exhaust system. I was skeptical about buying this but now I wouldn't go back. At idle its got a nice sound and suits the truck. I always hated the factory system because it was whisper quiet and embarrassing for such a beefy looking vehicle. The exhaust tone deepens over time as well. You won't be disappointed.
Brian Berg
08-11-2019 06:57pm
Mine unexpectedly showed up at the house Wednesday. So I hurried and installed it while the wifey was at work. Only had to hide the garbage for one night. Total score. Definitely don't follow the directions, work from the back to front. This sounds very very similar to my TRD Exhaust on my 2010 Tacoma. I like it, not too much not too little. On the highway you can barely hear it. So glad I got the black tips. I'll post a pic tomorrow. Wifey caught me tonight when I cranked my 4R. What the hell did you do to your truck? It sounds different. Is this why you didn't clean the house the other day? How much was it? Stayed low on the throttle and never heard anything else about it. Dodged that bullet lol.
Judd Blaney
11-02-2018 08:38pm
Got home today and surprise, surprise....there was a box from Gibson on my door....Packaging was excellent with the black exhaust tips well protected.

Installation took exactly 90 minutes from the time I found the box at my door to turning the key. It's literally two bolts to disconnect the front exhaust pipe, and a quick cut with the sawZ-all (you don't have to cut anything if you don't want to, but made easier) on the over axel pipe and the factory exhaust comes right off. I highly recommend soaking the rubber exhaust hangers in WD40....makes the process SIGNIFICANTLY easier. Installation is just as easy...standard exhaust clamps and hangars. Nothing fancy required...9/16 socket and wrench, 1/2 socket and wrench, and a 17mm socket. The tips lined up as advertised with minimal adjustment. Real nice quality system....especially for the price. The black tips look great on my Charcoal Grey 2016 TRD Pro. With the black wheels, black Shrockworks running boards/sliders, and black TRD badges, it looks like it came from the factory....much like the newer Ford Raptors with the black tips.

On initial start up, the RPM hung up a little high at 1500, but I had disconnected the battery per the instructions. With a little warm up, it eventually dropped down to normal idle range. Start up and idle, it has a nice subtle growl/burble....very similar to my wife's Mini Cooper S. Its noticeable, but not intrusive at all. During normal street acceleration, its definitely noticeable, but again, not in an intrusive way, just louder and throatier than stock. Id compare it to a Mini Cooper S, or a newer 3 series BMW. If you stand on the gas, its definitely louder than stock, but not obnoxiously so. I can't comment on highway cruising at all as I only took the dog to the beach and back after the install.

Some things of note... Once up to operating temp, it really did smell for a bit....not uncommon on fresh exhaust, just wanted to make sure anyone who was unfamiliar didn't freak out. Additionally, I noticed that after the first heat cycle, it was noticeably louder than the initial start up and drive. When I initially started the truck, and drove it around the block, it was just barely louder than stock. After a couple short sprints from 30 to 60, it was noticeably louder...again, not in a bad way, just louder than the initial start up.

Bottom line...thus far, I dig it. Its mellow, and entirely livable on a daily driver, while still sounding like there is a real internal combustion engine under the hood as opposed to my neighbors Prius...which sounds like a space a bad way. On that note, if you're trying to pull a fast one over on your wife and mod the car you swore you wouldn't touch, don't install this exhaust. As mellow as it is, it took about 2 minutes of driving before, "Is something wrong with the 4Runner, it sounds louder..."

Final thoughts....quality product, looks great, sounds good, could easily pass for a factory option on the TRD Pro models with the blacked out wheels and badges. I can�t emphasize how factory it looks.

Thanks again for the excellent customer service. I have multiple project cars (�64 Corvette and �72 C20 Suburban) and thus on multiple forums�.its nice to see businesses and sponsors that are active and involved beyond just pushing group buys!

Gregory Paules
10-24-2018 04:25pm

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