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S&B Air Intake (Ships same day!)


2010 - 2020, Toyota 4Runner

You've been asking us for the S&B intake for quite some time. Burtman Industries now carries the full S&B line! This system is similiar to the AFE Intake (which we also sell) but has some unique features. The sealed box design insures the coolest air possible entering the engine, which we know increases horsepower and gas mileage. For even more power, add the Gibson Catback Exhaust and check out the Sprint Booster to fix the known gas pedal/throttle delay that 5th gens are known for!

We all know that adding an intake gives more performance, plus the added bonus of better gas mileage! With gas prices these days, a little relief isn't far away. After bolting this system on, look out! Climbing steep hills and passing now becomes effortless.

What makes this intake different than most? The super cool clear see-thru lid! This just looks awesome and lets your monitor your filter and of course impress your friends.

Comes equipped with a washable and re-useable S&B Premium Air Filter.

  • +43.47% air flow improvement over stock! See actual testing with pics on this exact unit!
  • Built in deckplate! (for dusty areas you can plug the front induction hole, and still pull air from 2nd induction hole in fender)
  • Washable/reusable high flow filter
  • Exclusive clear plexiglass window (monitor cleanliness of filter)
  • Uses factory mounting points
  • Lifetime Warranty

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    Reg. Price: $365.00
    Our Price: $ 299.99

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    Put on the S&B intake on my 2018 4runner, and what a difference. The airbox is easily twice the size of the factory airbox. I have gained a little bit of mpg (about 0.5 mpg in the city, 0.9 mpg on highway driving). But the difference is the effortless of the acceleration. The engine runs smoothly and accelerates cleanly and doesn't feel clogged up or choke on hills. When I drive into the mountains is where this is most noticeable. I love it and it is worth the hour of installation. Thanks Jason!!!
    Ron Hall
    05-03-2019 10:38pm

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