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Injen Power Flow Cold Air Intake System


2004 - 2015, Nissan Armada

If you want the most horsepower for you buck, this is definitely it. Designed and developed by Injen, this Power-Flow system adds approximately 28+ (rwhp) rear wheel horsepower to your Armada! Customers have compared this intake with the leading competitors, which we also sell, and report more performance.

Injen’s Power-Flow Cold Air Intake is engineered to deliver a blast of oxygen at the perfect moment for blazing combustion and gut-wrenching power output.

While a basic intakes merely force air down an engine’s gullet, the Injen Power-Flow puts your motor on a steady diet of colder, richer oxygen. The process starts with the high-flow air filter's integrated Air Inducer, Air Stabilizer and Velocity Stack. Air is drawn in, smoothed out and pressurized.

From there, the oxygen flows through the Mega Ram-tuned pipe, where it gets released to the mass air flow senor at calculated intervals. Each kit goes through a rigorous dyno-testing process and fine-tuned to unleash ferocious performance across the RPM spectrum. Some vehicles come with a Power Box heat shield if needed.

Your Injen Power-Flow bolts on without any drilling, and it’s 50 state street legal.

  • Aerospace-grade, lightweight, anti-corrosive T-6 aluminum
  • High-flow air filter, with fully integrated Air Inducer, Air Stabilizer and Velocity Stack
  • Simple bolt-on installation that requires no drilling
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Jason Burtman's Personal Q45 Site


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    Reg. Price: $490.00
    Our Price: $ 369.00


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    I recently bought and installed this air intake from Jason at Burtman Industries. He was first class all the way... answering all of my questions and giving me great service. The air intake is a piece of cake to install. Good instructions and the performance is immediately noticable. I'm hoping to get some better gas mileage, but I'll have to get back to you on how that works out. In the mean time, I'm feeling the power of this intake and it looks awesome. Go with Burtman... you can't go wrong!
    Jason Faircloth
    05-23-2007 03:50am
    First off, when you deal with Jason you know you're getting #1 quality and #1 service, which goes a long way. I have been talking with Jason for months about ordering the Injen Powerflow for my '05 Titan. Even though I kept asking questions and not buying it, Jason kept helping me anyway he could. Finally, I had my chance to get the intake. Within a few days it was at my door and on my truck the following morning. All I have to say is... WOW! What a great improvement all-around for the truck. I previously had another big-name intake for the truck, which is now nothing compared to the Injen. I won't hit the dyno until August, but the butt-dyno definitely feels a change. The truck sounds more throaty, and has a lot of get-up-and-go that it didn't have before. Also, the install is super easy. If you have 30-45 minutes and a screwdriver you will be good to go! You'll also notice the Injen is composed of the highest quality materials around. To sum it up, if you're considering a true cold air intake for your truck, spend the extra money and buy the Injen... you won't regret it! Thanks Jason!!!
    Joshua Schell
    07-24-2006 11:35pm
    It is a pleasure to deal with Jason Burtman. He explains everything to you to make sure you don't run into problems while installing. It' s refreshing to know there are people out there who really care about their customers. The Injen intake was very easy to install and "WOW", what a difference... This is by far the best intake on the market for the Armada and Titan, buy it and you'll love it!! Thanks for your help Jason, I'll be a customer for life.
    Engle Sankar
    11-02-2006 07:56pm

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