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Skid Plate (front)


2006 - 2022, Honda Ridgeline

Burtman Industries is proud to offer the only front Ridgeline Skid Plate in the USA! We only sell items we can stand behind and this one built like a tank! Designed to provide complete coverage for your vulnerable engine oil pan, transmission, AND part of your exhaust system. It is designed to work on stock vehicles and with virtually any suspension. Simply the best quality skid plate you can buy. Period!

The design philosophy was simple... Cover as much as you can and still make a great looking effective skid plate. The skid plate protects your oil pan, and that means that you can go just about any where and feel confident that you are Safe! SKID PLATE DOES NOT NEED TO BE REMOVED TO CHANGE THE OIL - so your dealer won't charge any extra. Also, check out our Rear Skid Plate to protect your rear!

This skid plate protects the bottom of the engine bay, including the oil pan. The very thin oil pan, can be easily damaged by road debris, ice chunks, and minor off-road excursions. Many chassis engines have been destroyed by debris putting a hole or a crack in the oil pan and the subsequent loss of oil and oil pressure. In addition, the plastic belly pan that comes with the Ridgeline is often damaged. A replacement factory plastic belly pan often costs more than this skid plate and offer's little to no real protection. Why replace it when you can buy a highly protective skid plate? Install our hefty 10 gauge thick skid plate and avoid costly repairs! Now you'll have peace of mind that your engine is protected!

Jason Burtman's 4Runner Limited


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Reg. Price: $549.99
Our Price: $ 369.99


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I have just unpacked my skid plates (ordered two) very nice good quality and you can read the instructions. Jason @ Burtman industries was very good to deal with as he was answering my emails well into the evening, which sure helped by getting quick responses. I will get skid plate on next weekend probably, my 2nd skidplate has been picked up by a buddy today as well. I had mine shipped two together using USPS Jason helped me with as I'm in Canada. I would not hesitate buying from Burtman products again as they are very accommodating, and they can get most any automotive item!
Dave Nelson
04-04-2011 10:55pm
Recieved the skid plate for my 2012 Ridgeline. Very easy to install. Looks great.
Barney Finlon
01-01-2013 02:52pm
I ordered both the front and rear skid plate for my 2006 Honda Ridgeline. I have been building my Ridgeline in to an Overland Touring rig and as anyone knows who has tried to do a build like this, there is hardly any aftermarket gear for these trucks. I have been modifying items for Jeeps and other rigs to make them work on mine which has been fun but really challenging. I was about to start fabricating some skid plates when I stumbled on a blog post that brought me to the Burtman site. I was so stoked to find these in the first place but have to say the service and speed that these items arrived was incredible. Additionally they are super easy to install and the instructions were good. I spent last Thursday in the Oregon Sand Dunes Recreation area and put these to the test in Sand, mud, water, and rough road driving. Then yesterday and today I did a couple of short session in rutted out mud trails and deep crossings and have had no issues at all. They held up great and were repeatedly filled with debris. If there were more Mods offered by Burtman that I needed, they would be my #1 supplier. I wish I could upload some pics of the plates in use, but oh well.
Marcel Bieg
07-01-2019 08:39pm
It took a little while to get here (maybe the Covids) but the front skid plate finally arrived looking good and feeling solid. It went on the Ridgeline with ease, no adjustments necessary. The fitment is better than factory. I can finally stop worrying about that aluminum oil pan hanging down trying to catch road rubbish. Perhaps the rear pan is next? Very nice, very macho.
William Chapman
02-04-2021 07:49am
Easy install. Great quality. Super service. Purchased front and rear. For the front I just jacked up one side a few inches to get under. Wheels didn't even need to come off the ground. For the rear no jack needed and I just slid under. The was my second purchase from Burtman. Got the Romik Running Boards first and looking to get the Sprint Booster next!
Michael Binkley
10-21-2018 04:29pm

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