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Grille Guard/Brush Guard (full size)


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2006 - 2008, Honda Ridgeline

UPDATE!!! This is a new version with even nicer quality!!! The original guard was a replica made in China. We now have the original version, not a copy, which is made in the USA! This guard now comes with a 5 year warranty on the black version, and a lifetime on the polished version! The welds are nicer, the powerdercoat is better, fit is like a glove, and is has a warranty that the old one never had! Others are still selling the China replica, but we are selling the original for a price that's still unbelievable.

Many Ridgeline owners have been asking us for a Grille guard for quite some time. The long wait is over! This Bull Bar will give you that rugged look while still looking classy. Special pricing to introduce this item. Also, be sure to checkout the new Running Board Side Steps.

Hand crafted black powder-coated steel, then precision welded easy to maintain finish. Predrilled to accept a pair of H3 Single Beam JAOS Off-road Challenger Lights, H4 Dual Beam JAOS Off-road Challenger Lights, or other auxiliary lighting.

Modular (3 Piece) design for easy shipping and installation. Comes with 1.5" cross tubes that follow the contour of your Ridgeline's front end. Can be installed in minutes with common hand tools. The easy installation and removal make these ideal for use on leased vehicles.

No drilling required. Removable headlights grilles.
Be sure to ask about our other custom Ridegline accessories!

Jason Burtman's Personal Q45 Site


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Reg. Price: $599.99
Our Price: $ 329.99


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2 weeks ago I received and fitted my SS brushguards. I agree with the previous reviews and would add they were easy to fit, look great and Jason was tremendous in getting them to me. Excellent value for money and a tremendous addition to a wonderful vehicle. My SDA (Supreme Domestic Authority) thinks they're great too as they look good and give an extra level of protection against the deer who are a menace on the roads around here. Thank you Burtman Industries and Jason in particular!
Timothy Wilson
12-04-2007 05:23am
I received my brush guard yesterday from Burtman Industries. Boy was this thing a site to see. It was fully packaged completely assembled and it took my brother and I a good 30 minutes to unwrap it. This thing is packaged very well. Besides that, the actual guard as well as hardware seems very well made and the gage steel looks to be very, very thick. I couldn't believe how well this item was made for the price and overall construction of the part!
Jared Singer
02-13-2007 07:21pm
My brush guard just arrived. Apparently they now ship assembled. :) Let me tell you, this is one serious package. After much unpacking (read: well protected for shipping) I was amazed to see the quality of the workmanship. The finish is tough, even, and the look is very tidy and clean, no sloppy work. After reading what others thought I was prepared for a nice accessory, but honestly, this beat my expectations. I can't wait to install this--sooner rather then later as it is taking up a large chunk of my living room. :) Thanks again Jason from Burtman's!
Matthew Petrosky
02-14-2007 09:35am

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