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Romik Nerf bars SPECIAL!


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2006 - 2014, Honda Ridgeline

SPECIAL!!! Stainless steel nerf bars by Romik! Burtman Industries has bought all remaining inventory of these steps and is passing on the savings! These are the heaviest duty steps you will find. The mounting brackets are over twice as thick as the competition, and with a 10 year+ warranty, you can't go wrong! Same quality as our Romik Running Board Steps.

Need easier access to your roof rack? Customers who frequently use their roof rails, have been requesting nerf bars/tube steps for quite sometime. One of our customers uses his kayak every weekend, and wanted an easier way to secure it. Also, be sure to checkout the Ridgeline Stainless Bull Bar.

Crafted from T-304 stainless steel tubing that is up to 30% larger in diameter than conventional bars. CAD-CAM designed, CNC cut and mandrel bent. Optimum strength and a perfect "no drill" fit every time. These steps are up to 40% lighter in overall weight than mild steel bars, yet have far greater strength and impact resistance than other industry steps.

Polished steps have a high luster polished finish that is non- corrosive, rust resistant and easy to maintain. It will never chip, crack, scratch, or flake like chrome-plated or painted bars. Polished steps also have a welded end caps! This is an industry first. Bullet/rounded style, with no caps on the ends. See "more pictures".

Black steps are powdercoated and have caps on all ends, see "more pictures".

Can be installed in minutes with common hand tools. The easy installation and removal make these ideal for use on leased vehicles. When it comes to your SUV, do not just settle for a "generic" or "good enough" brand. Demand the best in quality, value, safety and protection…

Lifetime warranty.

Jason Burtman's 4Runner Limited


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Reg. Price: $365.00
Our Price: $ 299.99


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These nerf bars hold there own on the Honda Ridgeline. Not only are the affordable they look great in the black or chrome. If you want a a more beefy sporty look to your Ridgeline this is the way to go. If I have the chace I just might pick up a chrome pair of these in the later future.
John Stone
10-21-2008 12:54am

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