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L.E.D. Taillights (volant styled) ONLY A FEW SETS LEFT!!!


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2004 - 2015, Nissan Titan CC

ONLY A FEW SETS LEFT!!! SPECIAL DEAL, Limited time only. We just bought out the last of these Volant styled LED tails! Quality has been checked with a fine tooth comb, and these have our stamp of approval. Good seals, rugged casings, sweet L.E.D. setup that's fully plug & play!

Want to stand out from the crowd? These L.E.D. tails are the ticket. Enjoy the looks from stock owners after dropping these in.

Don't be fooled by inferior versions of these lights. More than a few produce these lights and quality is not the same with low grade leds and construction. Buy with confidence. The Burtman Industries way!

Jason Burtman's 4Runner Limited

Reg. Price: $429.99
Our Price: $ 349.99


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Just wanted to take the time to say thanks for the VERY prompt and no hassle transaction with Burtman Industries. I ordered my LED tail lights for my Titan on Thursday with you over the phone and the FedEx truck showed up with my lights the following day on Friday with my order. Thank you very much and I will definitely come back to do some more shopping.
Victor Ornelas
01-30-2007 03:35am
Jason, thanks for the quick shipping on my last order. The Volant Led's are just incredible. Great instructions for installation and they are seriously bright. Those lights will light up an airfield. Great once again as always. Corky Marsh
Corky Marsh
11-22-2009 12:20pm
I bought these back in 2004!!! It's now 2016 and that same pair are now on my 2008 Titan. Theyve been in use for 12 years now!!! Look and work like new! Best things I ever bought for my truck. Nothing out there like these Volant model LEDs.
Joseph Paradise
03-12-2016 02:03am
Jason, Again you have done it.... the taillights are hot and are so easy to install. price was great and fast shipping... well done
Troy Rush
01-10-2009 06:39pm
Well, there' a long story to these lights. I had ordered these lights almost 2 year ago, and things got a bit crazy due to a supplier that they had to deal with. With no fault to Jason @ Burtman, there was issues with this supplier and to my disappointment, I was not able to purchase them. This was completely out of Jason's hands. I was refunded, and didn't pay it any more thought, other than speaking with Jason, and tried to help resolve this issue with this certain supplier. Time went by, and one night, I received a call a year and a bit later. It was Jason sayin... Hey!!, I have your lights!!, Do you still want them?? Hell ya, I want them!! I recently stopped by a truck parts place here, as I know the guy runnin it. I told him the story about the lights and what transpired. First thing he said to me was... I don't know who Burtman is, but after 2 years and still able to remember a customer, alls I can say is that is awesome customer service. My reply to him was you are absolutely correct!!. So to sum up, yes, we all want our parts for our vehicles ASAP, but some times things happen. Better to chill out, than get excited and pass judgement over things that we cant fix. Yes, I love the lights, but besides that, I can't say enough good things about Jason and his company. I have heard and read the Bi&^**ing and Whining about guys and their parts not being this or that and what not. But Jason is far beyond any company as far as getting you what you want, even if there is a time factor. He comes thru in the end, and within the present days we live in, his customer service is far beyond anything else out there. Kudos to you Jason!! You are a man of your word, and there's not many of those kinda people left. Thanks so much my friend for your outstanding service!! W.K. Apr. 2014
William Kn
04-11-2014 08:52pm

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