One thing that bothers me about '96 through '01 4Runners is that they only have ONE domelight.  I had my Cherokee for 6 years and never really noticed how much the footwell lights can light up an area.  So I decided to add front and rear footwell lights that come on when a door is opened or by switching the headliner domelight to the "ON" position. I have a habit of dropping things, and it certainly is nice to find them without pulling off the road and getting a flashlight. It also looks cool at night with the extra lights.

    Installing them wasn't too bad.  You take off the door molding, get a hanger, tie a positive and negative wire to the hanger, and push it above the headliner to the domelight.  You then wrap the wires around the 2 metal tabs at each end of the factory headliner bulb. Now you can find all that long lost change and buy yourself a supercharger!




Added green light in rear heater


Added green light in console


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