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     Welcome to my 4Runner page! On January 15, 1999, I purchased the above 4Runner Limited (Desert Dune). I have been researching all the possible modifications that can be done to a 4Runner, and it's amazing. Bear with me as I continue to further my knowledge, as well as your own. The Toyota 4Runner, "What a luxury car shouldn't be".

     I finally installed my Stereo System and PP Spoiler.  I met up with Gadget and he helped wire my lights.  They look great!  The light output is incredible.A big thanks to Ron and Gadget for all the advice!

Recent Mods

  • Custom Dual Exhaust
  • Piaa Superwhites 
  • Epic "Python" Rims and EGR Bug Shield - New Pics
  • Additional Factory Matched Interior Wood 
  • AutoPage Vehicle Paging Security System 
  • Midland CB Install 
  • Catch All Floor Mats
  • Aluminum Gas/Brake Pedals 
  • Amsoil (TS-115) Air Filter
  • NEW VIDEO SECTION IS UP- see my 4Runner in action!!
  • ***NEW "Altezza" Tail Lights!
  • NEW '01 Tail Lights and Multi-Reflector Headlights
  • NEW Air Box (Deck Plate) Mod.  Add some free HP!
  • Custom "Green"Backlit LCD Outside Temp. Display
  • Engine Hoodlight installed 

  • NEW!  CLick , for a totally new site to accessorize your vehicle. Look for the button!

Soon to be Mods
  • Custom Hood Lifters(shocks)

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