After hearing the horn on my 4Runner for the first time, I knew I needed a new one. The road runner "beep beep" didn't sound right for the muscular look that the 4Runner has. After doing some research, I happened to hear my neighbor's factory Maseratti air horns made by Fiamm� as he drove by one day. He told me as long as I found air horns that were made in Italy and have the same size trumpets, they would sound like his.  I have noticed that many auto parts stores carry them, but usually the box says "Made in USA".  Go in for a closer look and read what is engraved on the product, and 9 times out of 10 they will say made in Italy. My auto parts store had Wolo� air horns.  I bought them and brought them back to my neighbor to compare.  They were exactly the same as his Fiamm factory air horns.  The (2) trumpets (one short, one long) were the same size as his, and the compressor was the same but had Wolo stamped on it.

    For the install, I removed the grille and both old horns. The factory horn on the right has two wires going into it, and the one on the left has one. I removed and taped up the wire from the left factory horn (you don't need it).  Next, I removed the right horn and used a circuit tester to find out which of the two wires was +12 volts. I then taped up the wire that wasn't. The +12 volt wire goes to the positive side of the compressor, and then you ground the negative on the compressor to the body of the vehicle.  I mounted the compressor in front of the battery, and it fits well. I also changed my horn fuse from 15 amps to 20 amps since the compressor requires 20 amps.

    Now the test.  WOW!  I went back to my neighbor's and tested it. They sounded exactly the same as his! Not bad for around $25 at the local auto parts store. The horns really sound great! Obviously this is why you want air horns in your 4Runner. The sound is the classic Italian or British roadster air horn sound.  Plus, these horns really get noticed out on the road. Driver merging into your lane? These will get you noticed!




Compressor mounted to the right of the battery

    Click to hear the factory horns first and the air horns second

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