I have been researching all the possible exhausts for my 4Runner.  I heard Gadget's and really liked it.  I really wanted to put dual pipes on my truck--one free/flowing muffler and two pipes.
    I went to my muffler guy who had put dual exhaust on my Cherokee. He does excellent work, and he knows how meticulous I am. We found a free/flowing muffler with similar dimensions to the Borla/TRD. He said if I liked the way they sounded, a muffler close in size could give a similar sound. We used a Vortex Muffler. After my truck was up on the lift we both knew the second pipe wouldn't fit due to the spare tire.  I would have loved to get rid of it, but considering I drive my vehicle everyday, it wasn't an option.  My friend knew how bad I wanted the second pipe and put in a dummy pipe on the other side.  He told me I could have the best of both worlds, well almost.  He said if I ever remove the spare tire down the road, he can make the second pipe functional with no problem!
    Next, we came up with the idea of putting two 18-inch long chrome pipes on either side.  This way you don't see the exhaust tubing going into the tips from the side.  Over the years the tubing can turn color and may have a rusty look.  I wanted a nice clean look out the back.  After everything was welded on, I said to my friend, "Everything looks great; two big shiny pipes, but what if the sound doesn't justify the look?"  He gave me my keys and said, "Start it".  One word:  Vrrrooommm!  I couldn't believe it. It was so deep and throaty.  He didn't actually think it would be that deep. Money well spent!






Click Here to Listen to My Exhaust - old file, sound quality isn't the best

More exhaust files below. Much better sound quality

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