A while back when I met up with Gadget to see his small jet,(4Runner), I saw his Piaa Superwhite headlight/driving lights.   With both of our trucks parked in front of his garage, we turned on our headlights.  His made mine look YELLOW.  I  couldn't believe the difference.  I knew I had to have them!  The light output is considerably better.  It's a much cleaner burning white light, with a tinge of blue.  If you are thinking about buying them, but aren't too sure if they will make a difference; install them in one side of your vehicle and leave your factory bulbs in the other side.....night and day difference!
     I stuck with the stock wattage that the factory bulbs had, and they are still much brighter.  Another good thing about the Piaa's is that they are O.E.M. approved. These aren't like those blue/green lights you see on the Honda's that blind you.  It is a much more pleasing light to look at. I have heard of some imitation brands that are similar to the Piaa's, but they aren't approved and I've heard they don't last as long. Order yours here!



(H4) Headlights, 60/55 watt                           (H3) Fog/Driving Lights, 55 watt

                             Superwhite                         Stock




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