My previous vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee, had an excellent stereo system. Before I traded it in on the 4Runner, I took out every piece of stereo equipment.  It took me 6 hours to remove it all by myself!

    Now it was time for my friend (an expert installer), and me to go in for surgery.  The install took about 35 hours to complete.  We put 5 1/4 separates up front and back.  We took my previous sub box from my Cherokee, and transplanted it into the 4Runner.  We also put a stiffening cap under the driver�s seat.  This works like an extra battery that supplies short bursts of energy to keep the bass sounding tight, and also helps to lessen the dimming of your headlights.

    We hid all the amps and concealed them.  I don't like to advertise where my amps are on big racks for everyone to see. If you look in my windows everything looks stealth, except for the sub box, but it can be hidden via the cargo cover.



 My truck looked similiar to this before the installation of my stereo system!


Alpine 11 Band Digital EQ with BBE, and Alpine 3Disc Changer

With GREEN Illumination

With RED Illumination

 Toyota and Alpine 3-Disc Magazines


Added green light in console


Cutom mounted CB. No holes drilled (Velcro SuperLock�)


Digital Voltmeter


Custom Painted Rear Tweeters.





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