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Jason's 4Runner Limited - Euro Corners If you don't already know, I have an accessory site and sell wood dash kits, real carbon fiber/synthetic carbon fiber dash kits, euro clear lenses, etc, for 4Runners.  Better yet, look at the link below.

I now have Altezza lenses that WILL FIT ALL 96-2000 4Runners.  If you own a 01-02 4Runner these lenses are exactly plug&play. In 2001 Toyota changed the wiring harness. The 01-02 factory tails  have a different wiriing harness, so the factory bulbs don't quote fit in the new Altezza lenses. If you tape them in from behind, I think you could get the bulbs to stay in fine. If you own a 01-02 4Runner, you would have to do that, or get the 96-2000 4Runner wiring harness from Toyota.

There are TWO different versions of the Altezza 4Runner tails. Chrome or black.

Chrome version below:


Black version below:



These new Altezza tails look great, and 10 times BETTER in person!.  You may also want to check out the new clear corner and bumper lenses that will compliment these nicely. New Euro corners and Bumpers here.



Installed on my own 97 Limited, Chrome:


             Installed on a customer's '99 limited:



The new Altezza's are currently $175. Shipping runs $14. As I mentioned above, you may also want to check out the new clear corner and bumper lenses that will compliment these nicely. If you decide on a pair of these they can ship in the same box as the tails for no additional shipping. New Euro corners and Bumpers here

I can't take returns for legality issues.  You shouldnt have any problems in your area, since the 4Runner is such a newer looking vehicle. The new tails use all of your current STOCK bulbs, so you don't need to go out and buy new bulbs!

I now have these for sale on my new accessory site Payment can be made via any credit card or paypal if you have it. Paypal is now the standard method of payment on ebay and is becoming very popular. It's also very safe and easy! 

Check/money orders are also accepted.

Email me with any questions

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