This has been an ongoing mod for sometime, but it's now complete! Ever since I got my 4Runner, I wanted an outside temperature display. It's good to know when it's below 32°F outside, and when it's 100°F before your tires melt, hehe.

I wanted it to look custom, (I didn't want to have it sticking on the dash) and have a "green"  backlit display to match the dash. I also didn't want any visible wires. I looked around a few places and found one that was powered by one AAA battery. I wanted to  run it off 12 volts, and  have it hardwirerd. After a lot of trial and error, I found the right wattage resistor needed to convert the unit to 12v. I got power (+12v) from the cigarette lighter with the wires hidden behind the dash.  I'm also using this to power the digital volt meter.

Once I had the conversion done,  I had to find a place to mount it.  The ONLY logical place seemed  to be under the ashtray. I used to put my sunglasses there, but they always came flying out when pulling way from a stop sign. Now, the new piece works as a holder, and whatever you put behind the temp gauge STAYS PUT in the pocket.

I used a piece of wood laminate that comes in sheets, (it's pretty thin, and flexible, similar to plexiglass).  It's  very close in color to the "Limited" wood trim and blends great. I first made a template out of thin black plexi which I almost used as the final product, but I didn't want the piece to look added, (the wood was just too good of a match). I needed to cut the ends so they would fit the curves of the console, and cut out the middle for the digital display.

Getting the new wood laminate piece to stay in the dash wasn't to bad.  I used some small "L" brackets I had in my basement. I used 3M double stick tape to adhere them to the left and right side of the inside pocket, and put another piece of double stick out the outside of the L brackets, so they would stick to the back of the laminate.

The  unit also has a temp sensor wire that must be run outside the vehicle.  I brought the sensor wire out behind the dash and tucked it under the top of the factory carpeting in the driver footwell. I then ran it through the big rubber factory grommet at the top left.  I also have my 4 gauge power wire, and driving light wiring going through here as well. I was able to push it through with my fingers and didn't need a hangar this time.  Once I got it through, I then opened the hood and ran it all the way up, past the battery and down behind my PP spoiler/valance, and stuck it to the inside lip on the spoiler. This seems to be the best place.
The spoiler shields it from the sun, and it's far enough way from the engine.



As you can see above, the wood trim likes to play tricks on your eyes in different lighting.

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