After seeing the  multi-reflector headlights, I had the itch to upgrade mine to the newer style.


The new headlights already come aimed from the factory! Now all you need to do is plop them in.

To install the lights you first need to remove the grille. Rather than try to unclip the grille from looking over on top, look at it face forward. If you look at it at this angle and look underneath the grille, you will see a series of lever like clips. You can  use a screwdriver and push down with it, and the grille will come off very easily. You will be able to see the little tabs. If I remember correctly there are 3 on the top, 2 in the middle and 3 on the bottom. You have to put a constant light outward tension as you reach in and depress the tabs or they will snap back in place. The trick is just getting the right tension--too much and the tabs are hard to depress--too little and they snap right back in the locked position.  Inserting a toothpick after they are depressed is a good trick.

Now once the grille is removed, you need to remove the screws from the headlights. Next, you need to remove the screw that holds the bottom metal sill plate.  Instead of removing the sill completely, you can swing it away from you to get to the hidden screw behind it, which  also holds the headlight in place. Now install the new lights in reverse order.



The older style lens is a diffusion design which uses the lens to focus the beam.

The new multi-reflector lights use a diamond backing and the bulb fires into it's own housing. See below. This puts the beam slightly off focus so it doesn't hit the other drivers line of vision.  After installing the lights, I noticed about a 15-20% improvement over  the old ones. They also look much better with the Piaa Superwhites.

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